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SW Basics Hacks

Posted on September 12 2016

Written by Julia McVeigh from SW Basics.

SW Basics Hands

If you’re familiar with S.W. Basics, you know that we’re diehard minimalists. We’re so into less-is-more, in fact, that all of our products are formulated with five, 100% naturally-derived ingredients or less: No ifs, ands, or buts.

While some might see this as a constraint, we actually think that making our products this way allows for more flexibility; because they’re so clean and so concentrated, you can easily add them together to create combinations tailored exactly for your skin type. Indeed, we like to think of our products as super high-quality skincare “ingredients” – and we encourage our audience to experiment to find the right “recipe” for their skin.

These S.W. recipes are what we call an #SWHack – ahead, we’re sharing five our favorites, along with two bonus combinations created with everyday pantry items. Read on!

SW Basics Cleanser and Exfoliant

Cleanser + Exfoliant

This is the perfect mixture for skin that is highly sensitive but also needs a good, pore-clearing scrub. Our dry Exfoliant contains physical (ground oats and almonds) and chemical (sea salt) exfoliators that can be combined with any liquid to use. Blending it with bit of our rosewater-based Cleanser makes for a hydrating, soothing, and calming scrub that goes on silky smooth.

SW Basics Hibiscus Mask and Oil Serum

Hibiscus Mask + Oil Serum

Two of our most potent products come together for this antioxidant-packed hack. Mixing our Hibiscus Mask with water is the norm, but we love adding a bit of Oil Serum when we’re feeling extra-fancy. The Oil Serum will fight inflammation and deeply hydrate skin, making it an ideal counterpart for the toxin pulling and skin brightening properties of our Hibiscus Mask.

Body Scrub + Exfoliant

Struggling with body acne? This one is for you. Our Demerera sugar Body Scrub will gently slough away dead skin, while the sea salt in our Exfoliant will kill bacteria. This combination isn’t too harsh, either, thanks to the fact that our Body Scrub comes loaded with coconut oil. Warning: This combo smells really good, so you might want to eat it. (That’s ok!)

Makeup Remover + Cream

This is a fantastic moisturizer for those of you who require serious hydration but want a lighter version of our Cream. Our Makeup Remover helps to thin out our Shea butter Cream, allowing it to absorb faster and blend in a bit easier. We particularly like this duo in the summertime months. 

Toner + Cleanser

Want to add an acne-busting boost to our Cleanser? Add in some Toner and apply thoroughly, letting it sit on your face for at least thirty seconds before rinsing off. The apple cider vinegar in the Toner will help clear up acne and balance out your skin’s pH, while the Cleanser provides all-important hydration, protecting your skin’s delicate oil layer.

SW Basics Oil Serum

Bonus Pantry Hacks!

Oil Serum + Manuka Honey

While applying an oil-based mask might sound counterintuitive for acne sufferers, this combination is incredible at fighting and healing blemishes. The coffee oil in our Oil Serum is great for acne and acne scars, while the antiseptic and antibacterial properties of miracle-working Manuka honey helps fend off break outs.

Full Fat Greek Yogurt + Hibiscus Mask

This is a classic combination that everyone in the S.W. office uses at least once a month. The lactic acid in yogurt is great for brightening and smoothing skin, while our Hibiscus Mask helps to accelerate cell turnover and clear out pores. Consider this a Sunday night must-do for fresh skin for the week ahead.

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