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Forager Botanicals is a natural fragrance and beauty company focused on creating beautiful products using all natural ingredients. Proprietor, Casey Coyle, a Brooklyn graphic designer and art director has been working in the beauty industry for many years. When pregnant with her daughter Casey became turned off by the overpowering scents and harmful ingredients in many mainstream beauty products. When she was a little girl Casey used to make her own perfumes out of water and flower petals from her grandmothers garden. Casey longed for simpler more natural scents like these and developed the products for Forager for women seeking the same.

  • Coconut Isle Body Oil

    Forager Botanicals

    Coconut Isle Body Oil

    $ 35.00
  • Nectar Eau de Parfum

    Forager Botanicals

    Nectar Eau de Parfum

    $ 98.00
  • Woodland Eau de Parfum

    Forager Botanicals

    Woodland Eau de Parfum

    $ 98.00

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