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Spacemasks Spacemasks Self Heating Eye Mask

Spacemasks Spacemasks Self Heating Eye Mask

Size: 5 count
Product Details

Spacemasks Self Heating Eye Mask

Good for: All Skin Types

Spacemasks are self-heating, jasmine-infused eye masks that will transport you to another dimension - relieving tiredness, eye strain and many other Earthly tensions. The warmth comes alive as soon as you open it. So make sure you’re fully reclined and ready for lift off.

The Credo Promise

Credo provides the largest clean beauty and skincare assortment that’s
vetted by experts, then field-tested by us. We obsessively examine every
ingredient (so you don’t have to). This means all of the beauty products
we carry are made without ingredients on our Dirty List.

This product is:
  • vegan
  • gluten free
  • soy free
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How to Use
Open the pouch and unfold your mask. Gently place the Spacemask over your eyes and fit the loops around your ears. Within a couple of minutes you’ll feel your Spacemask heat up as the oxygen molecules in the atmosphere cuddle up to the mask’s iron particles in a natural heat exchange. Drift off as you enjoy approximately 15 minutes of other-worldly warmth while your mind floats in space. Return to planet Earth. Reconnecting with Earthly matters may take a little longer Read More
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