Fillmore Pick-Up Instructions - Credo
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 Credo Fillmore
Curbside Pick Up Instructions

If Walking: 

  • Please call 415.885.1800 once you have arrived at the store.
  • Please wait by the “Curbside Available Sign”.
  • Once we have spoken to you and confirmed the order, we will place your order in a bag on the door handle with your name on it.
  • Please stay by at the “ Curbside Available Sign”, while we place your order on the door handle.
  • Once we have placed the items in the bag, and locked the door behind us, it will be safe for you to come and retrieve your items.
 If Driving:
  • Please call 415.885.1800 once you have arrived at the store.
  • Please verify the last 3 letters or numbers of your license plate so we can identify the correct vehicle.
  • Open your trunk. We will place your items in the back of the trunk and close it.