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Headache Essential Oil Blend

Headache Essential Oil Blend
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Headache Essential Oil Blend

8 ml

21 Drops Headache Essential Oil Blend

Does your head hurt? Relieve the pain and stimulate proper blood flow with Headache! This blend eases discomfort, soothes and can even be used to prevent headaches before they start! Keep it close by and use frequently so that you can collect your thoughts and get on with your day.

lavender pacifies, nurtures, rebalances; peppermint invigorates, cools, awakens; rosewood clears the mind, calms nerves

blended in 100% organic jojoba oil.

does not contain: parabens - sulfates - synthetic fragrances - synthetic dyes - petrochemicals - phthalates - gmos - triclosan.  nor is it animal tested.


For maximum benefits, apply generously, rolling on in a circular motion, 5x each, to temples and back of neck. Inhale deeply after each application. Reapply frequently throughout the day to help ease head discomfort.  

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