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Alima Pure Alima Pure Allover Shadow Brush

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Online Exclusive

Alima Pure Alima Pure Allover Shadow Brush

Online Exclusive

Alima Pure Alima Pure Allover Shadow Brush

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Size: One Size

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out of stock
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Alima Pure Allover Shadow Brush

This Product Is: an eye shadow brush.

Good For:  applying eye shadow to the lids.

Why We Love It: Alima Pure Allover Shadow Brush is the go-to eye makeup brush for gently sweeping pigment onto the lids and browbone. Your ideal multipurpose eyeshadow brush. Full bristles deliver a subtle wash of color across the lid. Lay a base shade, or softly layer your favorite eyeshadows. Pairs with Satin Matte Eyeshadow, Pearluster Eyeshadow, and Luminous Shimmer Eyeshadow. Made with 100% cruelty-free Taklon synthetic bristles. Duo-color fibers for precision application and blending. Sturdy sleek black handles for a comfortable, stabilizing grip.

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Brushes can be used to apply liquid, pressed, or loose powder cosmetics.

1. Dampen bristles with warm water and lather gently with mild soap or shampoo. Angle the bristles downward to avoid getting water inside the handle.

2. Rinse under warm running water until the water runs clear and soap is thoroughly removed.

3. Blot the brush well with a dry cloth and gently reshape.

4. Lay your brush flat, and allow it to air-dry completely before using.

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100% cruelty-free Taklon synthetic bristles

All products are cruelty-free and formulated without ingredients on The Dirty List™️. At Credo, "clean" goes even deeper. Learn more.

Gluten Free Vegan

Alima Pure cosmetics are crafted from minimal ingredients for maximum impact. Designed for the modern, confident woman, our cosmetics are luxurious, high-performance, and made from only the purest natural ingredients. Alima Pure seeks to redefine makeup as an empowering tool of self-expression through our diverse range of foundation shades and inspiring colors. They believe makeup should enhance your best features without hiding who you are. You should be able to find an amazing foundation match and colors that inspire your self-expression.

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