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Ameline Body Lotion

PHLUR Ameline Body Lotion

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PHLUR Ameline Body Lotion

PHLUR Ameline Body Lotion

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The PHLUR co-founders Eric Korman (CEO), formerly an executive at Ralph Lauren, and Cynthia Korman, an established art director, became fascinated with fragrance...and not just as a product, but as an industry. Why had so little changed over the years? On the one hand, there was a flux of poorly produced licensed products flaunting a celebrity or fashion designer's name and on the other hand, there were incredible boutique fragrances that the average person could never afford or even find. And on both sides, this was obviously becoming an industry overly dependent on sex to sell itself. These co-founders set out to create a clean middle path...luxuriously-made fine fragrance, sold at an honest price and marketed without all the misogynistic imagery. In 2015 the pair did just that, PHLUR was launched and the rest was sweet-smelling fragrance history.

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