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Anti-Acne Treatment

Anti-Acne Treatment
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Anti-Acne Treatment

Cultivar Anti-Acne Treatment
1 oz

Cultivar Anti-Acne Treatment

Good for: Acne, All Skin Types

Super Good: Organic babassu oil in the Cultivar Anti-Acne Treatment is a natural anti-bacterial and works to protect the skin. This means that breakouts are fewer, milder and heal more quickly. Other botanicals in this treatment, including helichrysum, naiouli, thyme, work to balance skin's natural oil production to help combat even the most stubborn hormonal acne.

Absolutely Beautiful: This treatment is non-greasy and absorbs quickly into the skin for deep penetration into pores. Cultivar Anti-Acne Treatment is gentle enough for all skin types and will not dry out skin.

It’s time to heal and protect your skin with Credo’s collection of clean skincare products that pack the goodness of natural ingredients. Have anti-acne products, facial creams and much more ordered online to your home from Credo. Totally clean, super good, absolutely beautiful.

babassu oil (attakea speciosa)*, jojoba oil (simmondsia chinensis)*, flax seed oil (linum usitatissimum)*, essential oils of naioli (melaleuca quinquenervia)*, helichrysum (italicum), thyme (thymallus)*, lavender (augustifolia)*, tea tree (m. alternifolia)*, geranium (pelargonium)*.

*certified organic

This treatment is non-greasy and absorbs quickly into the skin for deep penetration into pores where stubborn bacteria hides. Because this organic acne treatment is non-drying and works to minimize irritation and redness, it can be reapplied as often as needed.

For best results, use with Cultivar's cleanser and toner to achieve and maintain clear skin as well as brightening hyperpigmentation (dark spots on the skin).

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