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Nature: Arctic Berry Cloud Milk Cream

Nature: Arctic Berry Cloud Milk Cream
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Nature: Arctic Berry Cloud Milk Cream

5.8 oz

Red Flower Nature: Arctic Berry Cloud Milk Cream

Nourish, protect, fortify the rare and precious cloudberry brings softening fatty acids and antioxidizing vitamins in a divinely light-textured cream, encouraging the skin's complete and radiant rebirth. This nutrient rich cream replaces the natural loss of collagen and elastin and regenerates cells to leave skin replenished, protected and supple. A remarkable moisturizer, aloe is packed with vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that minimize broken capillaries, stretch marks and prevent wrinkles.

Known as the youth mineral, avocado oil is a rich emollient that soothes eczema, dry skin and other skin ailments. Providing further hydration, highly concentrated rose damascena essential oil helps to soften, moisturize and combat dryness. While the powerful antioxidant found in strawberries, ellagic acid, works to prevent the drying effects of hormonal imbalances and environmental exposure. a concentrated and potent cream, it provides fortifying moisture and protection around the delicate eye area, face and body.

aloe barbadensis (aloe) leaf extract, apricot oil, avocado oil, beeswax, benzyl alcohol birch bud extract, cloudberry seed oil, coconut oil, frankincense oil, honey certified organic jojoba oil certified organic, palmarosa grass oil, rosa damascena oil, rosewood oil, spearmint leaf oil, strawberry seed oil, sweet almond oil, tocopherol, vegetable glycerin, vegetable-derived emulsifying wax, wate.

Self care: Omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acid rich cream becomes a necessary part of healthy skin. Improves elasticity and provides protection from external factors to the area around the eyes, face and body. Essential fatty acids help replace the natural loss of collagen and elastin to help regenerate cells, leaving skin replenished, protected and more supple.

Tip: The arctic berry cloud milk cream works in tandem with the essential omega fresh berry-oil serum by helping to seal in moisture, keeping skin protected and soft.

Skin type: Best suited for all skin types. highly beneficial for dry, sensitive, and mature skin prone to irritation, rosacea and hormonal imbalance. apply daily to protect and moisturize especially around the delicate eye area and d'collet.

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