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Dope Naturally Arouse Me

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Dope Naturally Arouse Me

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Dope Naturally Arouse Me

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Dope Naturally Arouse Me

This Product Is: an herbal supplement aimed to boost creative and/or sexual energy

Why We Love It: Dope Naturally Arouse Me is a powerful mix of sexual stimulants and mood-enhancing adaptogens. What powers it: damiana powder, a wild shrub that may help to boost libido and mood; catuaba powder and muira puama powder, ingredients traditionally used as a natural aphrodisiac; and ashwaganda powder, which may help to boost endurance and soothe emotional tension.

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Blend a scoop into a vegan milk: make a coconut or almond milk latte. Add to hot water for a more herbal taste. Or sprinkle onto your favorite yogurt or granola. 

Tastes herbal and slightly medicinal with a touch of bittersweet cacao. 

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organic cacao powder, damiana powder, organic ashwaganda powder, catuaba powder, muirapuama powder

This product is fragrance free.

All products are cruelty-free and formulated without ingredients on The Dirty List™️. At Credo, "clean" goes even deeper. Learn more.

Gluten Free Vegan

Beauty is not applied. It comes from within. DOPE Naturally powers beauty from the inside out through pure, potent and nurturing ingestibles. We believe your beauty is a big part of your strength – powerful, personal, and the embodiment of everything you are.

DOPE Naturally ignites your beauty, empowers you to embrace it, magnify it, flaunt it, and spread it to the world. Our beauty and wellness products are clean and honest – rich in nutritive super-fruits, super-vegetables, and super-food extracts from organic seeds, fruits, and vegetables. They’re everything your body, and your beauty, needs to shine. 

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