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Olio E Osso Balm Jars

Olio E Osso is locally produced by hand in small batches. Each balm has an all natural base that utilizes the time honored nourishing properties of olive and shea oils bound together with natural beeswax and grapefruit essential oil. All of our versatile balms are meant to be used on your lips, face, body, and hair. Olio E Osso strongly believes that good things come from supporting our local communities, which is why we design, source and hand produce locally from pure, naturally sourced, and minimally processed.

No. 0 Netto is Olio E Osso's most versatile balm. Amazing as a lip conditioner, but has also been used to much acclaim on split ends, flyaway hair, grooming eyebrows, beards, conditioning cuticles, conditioning elbows and dry patches. No. 1 Clear is a fresh and crisp take on a natural menthol balm. Nourishing to the lips and comforting on a stuffy chest and tired temples.

balm jar no. 0 netto:
butyrospermm parkii (natural shea) oil, olea europaea (organic olive) fruit oil, natural natural beeswax, natural menthol, and eucalyptus radiata (eucalyptus) essential oil.

balm jar no.1 clear:
olea europaca (organic extra virgin olive) fruit oil, butyrospermum parkii (natural shea) oil, natural beeswax, citrus paradisi (natural pink grapefruit) essential oil.

No.0 (Netto)
Can be used on lips, as an all natural Vics vapor rub (under bottom of feet, and chest when stuffy), sore muscles (apply to area, and wrap with hot towels).
No.1 (Clear)
Can be used on lips, dry spots like cuticles, knee, elbow, heels. Protect cheeks in the winter (great for kids). Fly away hair, and shape hair and facial hair.

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