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Hammam: Cardamom Amber Oil

Hammam: Cardamom Amber Oil
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Hammam: Cardamom Amber Oil

Red Flower Hammam: Cardamom Amber Oil Hammam: Cardamom Amber Oil
2.4 oz

Red Flower Hammam: Cardamom Amber Oil

To Warm, Relax and Scent.

Warm the whole body with this heady, intoxicating blend of cardamom, sandalwood, sweet orange and jasmine. Feel the emanating warmth of sumptuous cardamom oil. The crushed seed pods of cardamom deeply heat the body internally, giving it the reputation as a stimulating aphrodisiac. Combined with black pepper it absorbs quickly to relax the muscles and increase circulation, giving the skin a natural glow. The healing essential oil of sandalwood relieves nervous tension and offers a mild sedative effect, feel this experience of devotion, so luxurious and sensual.

apricot oil, monoi (gardenia oil), cardamom oil, bergamot oil, lantana camara, rose damascena oil, jasmine grandiflorum oil, may chang oil, cananga odorata (ylang ylang) oil, vitamin e tocopherol t-50, ascorbyl palmitate (vitamin c), citric acid, ascorbic acid (vitamin c), sandalwood oil, patchouli oil, vetiver oil, black pepper oil, sweet orange oil

Fill the palms with generous drops and blend over entire body. Blend over freshly steamroom misted skin or use as a warming massage oil. Penetrates deeply, absorbs quickly.

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