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Clean & Healthy Dry Shampoo

Clean & Healthy Dry Shampoo
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Clean & Healthy Dry Shampoo

Cultivar Clean & Healthy Dry Shampoo
4.5 oz

Cultivar Clean & Healthy Dry Shampoo

Good for: All hair colors
Totally Clean: No Parabens, No Sulfates, No Synthetic Ingredients, No Butane, No Propane
Super Good: Cultivar Dry Shampoo helps strengthen, soften, nourish, and freshens your hair between washes and travel. Its clean and natural formula helps extend the vibrancy of color-treated hair.
Absolutely Beautiful: Cultivar Clean and Healthy Dry Shampoo is a clean, easy to use hair powder that absorbs excess oils so hair looks and feels clean.
Credo offers a range of clean beauty products for you to choose from. Take a look at our cruelty-free range of shampoos and hair styling products with wholesome natural and organic ingredients. Order your favorite products from the comfort of your home, and get free shipping for orders over $50.
Totally clean. Super good. Absolutely beautiful.

cornstarch*, brown rice powder*, white clay, horsetail powder*, baking soda, orris root powder*,  grapefruit and cardamom essential oils.

*certified organic

Sprinkle a small amount of dry shampoo along the roots of your hair. Comb or tousle through.

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