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04 Coconut Melt

04 Coconut Melt
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04 Coconut Melt

Dr Jackson's Coconut Melt 04 04 Coconut Melt 04 Coconut Melt
15 ml

Dr Jackson's Coconut Melt 04

Nourishing all-purpose balm.

Created to be used as an 'everything balm’, Dr Jackson’s 04 COCONUT MELT uses only 100% organic coconut oil, and is solid at room temperature but surprisingly melts on touch. The perfect product to have while on the go, the balm can be used to nourish everything from lips and cuticles to conditioning hair ends and countering the appearance of fine lines.

Coconut oil has rehydrating, emollient and elasticising properties which soothe dryness, fight the formation of wrinkles and strengthen the hair follicle.

Suitable for all skin types; gentle on sensitive skin.

cocos nucifera (coconut) oil (100% organic).

Use externally as needed.

Coconut oil liquefies and solidifies in response to temperature change. Any irregularity in consistency is a natural feature of the product.

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