Crescent Beach Eau de Parfum

Crescent Beach Eau de Parfum

Unisex eau de parfum with floral, amber and oceanic notes, inspired by Long Island summers.

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Suitable for

All skin types.

Why we stand behind it

We choose to carry and recommend the Crescent Beach Eau de Parfum because it is a unisex fragrance that captures the intoxicating essence of summer. It inspires memories of Long Island and is made with a commitment to quality and eco-consciousness.

Key ingredients

Fragrance Notes: Peony Lily Amber Musk Fragrance Description:
This fragrance is a beautiful blend of notes, featuring the delicate aroma of peony, the sweet scent of lily, and the warm richness of amber musk. The formulation uses clean ingredients that are carefully sourced, PETA certified vegan and cruelty-free, and it′s packaged in recyclable glass bottles and paper cartons, highlighting our commitment to sustainability.

this product meets

The Credo Clean Standard™

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This product is


Gluten Free

Soy Free


Spray on pulse points (wrists and neck) and/or clothing. For increased longevity, do not rub into skin.

Full ingredient list

Shelter Island Eau de Parfum: Ingredients: water || denatured ethyl alcohol || fragrance ||-|| Disclosed Fragrance: (10z)-1-oxacycloheptadec-10-en-2-one || 1-methyl-4-(4-methylpent-3-enyl)cyclohex-3-ene-1-carbaldehyde || 2,4-dimethyl-4,4a,5,9b-tetrahydroindeno[1,2-d][1,3]dioxine || alpha-isomethyl ionone || cyclamen aldehyde || dihydro pentamethylindanone || dimethylcyclohexylethoxy isobutylpropanoate || ethyl linalool || ethylene brassylate || ethylene dodecanedioate || isobutyl methyl tetrahydropyranol || methyldihydrojasmonate || methylenedioxyphenyl methylpropanal || phenethyl alcohol


A floral, amber and oceanic clean perfume, inspired by summers spent among the flowers and breezes in the New York Hamptons. This addicting scent, with romantic notes of peony, lily and jasmine, evokes fresh laundry drying beside fields of flowers mixing with salty ocean breezes.

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