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Herbal Tea Detox

Herbal Tea Detox
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Herbal Tea Detox

 Dr Jackson's Herbal Tea Detox
contains 21 tea bags

Dr Jackson's Herbal Tea Detox

Cleansing blend. (bagged)

Formulated to cleanse and purify following a period of indulgence, Dr Jackson’s Detox Tea is blended using natural ingredients with traditionally known medicinal properties.

Centred around digestion-boosting Fennel, this deeply refreshing tea also contains de-toxifying and diuretic plants including Elderflowers, Aniseed, and Senna Fruit to help de-bloat and rid the body of harmful toxins and free radicals. Spanish licorice, known for its anti-inflammatory properties, gives the tea a sweet taste due to its natural glycyrrhizin content.

Formulated to:
• Detoxify, cleanse and purify the body.
• Be an antidote to over-indulgence.
• Improve the skin and physical health through flushing out toxins.

Contains 21 tea bags.

fennel (feniculum vulgare), elderflowers (sambucus racemosa), aniseed (pimpinella anisum), liquorice (glycyrrhiza glabra), senna fruit (cassia officinalis).


Enjoy the this blend once in the morning and once in the evening over a 4-5 day period to kick-start your body into functioning more effectively.

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