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Hibiscus Mask

Hibiscus Mask
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Hibiscus Mask

2.5 oz

SW Basics Hibiscus Mask

If there were an official skin care product of every middle-school slumber party in every 80s movie ever, this would be it. S.W. Basics Hibiscus Mask is a potent, complexion-smoothing blend of hibiscus, French green clay, and organic lavender.

• Organic: our Hibiscus and Lavender are certified organic
• Certified cruelty free
• Makes a bright pink paste when wet
• And never any parabens, fragrance, sulfates, or other synthetic nasties!
• Gives back: Proceeds from sales of Hibiscus Mask to be donated to

organic hibiscus earns its reputation as “nature’s botox” due to the abundance of alpha-hydroxy acids it contains. these acids help increase cell turnover so your skin stays refreshed and rejuvenated.

french green clay removes dead skin cells and draws out toxins. if you let the mask dry before rinsing, the french clay absorbs dirt and excess oils and replenishes your skin with new, beneficial minerals.

organic lavender smells amazing and can soothe swollen or red skin.

organic hibiscus, french green clay, organic lavender.

Mix 1 tsp. Hibiscus Mask with 1 tsp. water, yogurt, or honey. Apply to face, let dry, take hilarious pictures of yourself or hide in a closet and jump out to scare your little brother, and then rinse off.

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