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Hammam: Jasmine Rose Rhassoul Clay

Hammam: Jasmine Rose Rhassoul Clay
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Hammam: Jasmine Rose Rhassoul Clay

Red Flower Hammam: Jasmine Rose Rhassoul Clay
4.2 oz

Red Flower Hammam: Jasmine Rose Rhassoul Clay

Wrap the body from head to toe in this detoxifying blend of rhassoul and bentonite clay with the essential oils of rose, eglantine, jasmine and moroccan blue tansy to lift away toxins. as the combination of clay dries and is washed off, removing impurities, the face and body is left supple-scented with damascena rose, jasmine grandiflorum and eglantine essentials oils. feel abundantly fragrant and healed.

kaolin clay, moroccan red clay, sugar, patchouli oil, bourbon rose flower oil, jasmine grandiflorum oil, rose geranium oil, cananga odorata (ylang ylang) oil, palmarosa oil, clove bud oil

Step out from under steaming water and spread rhassoul clay polish over entire body, face and neck. Massage smooth texture of clay into body as euphoric scents of rose, jasmine and ylang-ylang warm the mind. Clay begins to dry quickly with a slight cooling sensation, drawing out deep impurities. Then under warm running water, slowly rinse. Alternatively leave on and steep in a warm bath for a detoxifying soak. Allow the clay to draw impurities from deep within, leaving the skin detoxified, toned and balanced.

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