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Kartini Body Oil

Kartini Body Oil
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Kartini Body Oil

Juara Kartini Body Oil
4 oz

Juara Kartini Body Oil

Pamper yourself every day with this luxurious body oil. This potent blend of natural oils plumeria, passion fruit, candlenut, turmeric and moringa oleifera exudes royal luxury while nourishing, softening and indulging your skin. The combination of power packed ingredients and a sensuous, feminine scent draws inspiration from its namesake Princess Kartini, one of the most beloved rulers of Indonesia, who used her power and femininity to enrich the lives of undereducated women and children.

Regular use will leave you with brighter, firmer, more hydrated skin. This beauty product firms and enhances skin elasticity, brightens and boosts radiance, and provides antioxidant protection to the entire body. Juara Kartini Body Oil is dermatologist tested, 100% Vegetarian Skincare, and free of fragrance, parabens, mineral oil, sulfates, phthalates, artificial colorants and harsh chemicals.

plumeria flower (frangipani): moisturizes & soothes skin,provides natural uv protection. traditionally used in indonesia for skin and hair care because of its natural uv protection, intoxicating scent and nourishing properties.

passion fruit oil: provides vitamin-rich nourishment, calms skin. a good source of vitamins a&c, fatty acids, minerals & flavonoids. passion fruit oil is a natural anti-inflammatory and helps prevent tissue damage caused by free radicals. it has a light, silky texture that quickly penetrates skin. passion fruit oil has traditionally been used in indonesia to enhance the relaxing effects of a massage.

moringa oleifera: firms & boosts collagen production. revered since the ancient roman times for its medicinal purposes, the leaves and bark of the moringa tree have long been used for their anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and even anti-depressant (aromatherapy) properties. on the skin, moringa helps to firm skin, prevent wrinkles, slow premature aging.

turmeric oil: brightens, reduces inflammation, rich in antioxidants. turmeric has traditionally been used in indonesian royal beauty rituals and health tonics to render skin glowing and radiant. turmeric helps to naturally brighten skin, has powerful anti-inflammatory properties and provides antioxidant protection from free radicals that can damage skin.

coconut oil: antiseptic, antibacterial, good for combination skin. this versatile oil nourishes and hydrates skin and is naturally antiseptic.

candlenut oil: nourishes, fortifies, velvety feel. rich in linoleic and linolenic acid, this elegant oil deeply moisturizes without leaving skin greasy.

Apply morning and evening to cleansed skin. Perfect for use on the entire body. Light enough to use on hair ends for extra shine.

TIP: Add 1-2 drops of Almond Oil to turn this into a sensuous massage oil.

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