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Lipstick Angels Donation (Receive a Tote)

Lipstick Angels Donation (Receive a Tote)
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Lipstick Angels Donation (Receive a Tote)

Lipstick Angels Shopping Tote

Our exclusive Credo shopping tote features our signature seal on the front, and our clean beauty promise on the back. 100% of the proceeds from this bag will be donated on your behalf to help fund the Lipstick Angels’ important work. We invite you to make a donation of your choice.

About Lipstick Angels:

They aren’t winged cherubs that fly around shooting perfectly lined lipsticks, but they may as well be. Lipstick Angels is a non-profit that began with the simple idea of helping cancer patients feel better through beauty, compassion, and touch.

This desire goes beyond the physical, believing that upholding dignity and self-respect is crucial to a patient’s successful encounter and defeat of chronic disease.

Providing care and treatment through bedside delivery of makeup and skincare, patients receive a moisture mask, hand massage, hint of blush, and a swipe of gloss. But they also get a conversation, human touch, and lots of love.

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