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Luxurious Moisturizer

Luxurious Moisturizer
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Luxurious Moisturizer

Skin + Bones Luxurious Moisturizer
100 ml

Skin + Bones Luxurious Moisturizer

Face + Body + Hair. You’re looking for one product to do it all - this is it. 

This artisan creation is handcrafted to heal all skin types – particularly combination, troubled, and over-treated skin for both women and men. 

Simple yet deliberate therapeutic oils deliver luxurious, organic nourishment to balance, clear, and hydrate skin for a noticeable glow. The scent is bright and cheerful yet deep and meditative for a lasting feeling of divine moisture. 

nothing bad, synthetic, or damaging in this gorgeous bottle. made with only skin & bones proprietary blend of therapeutic-grade essential oils: organic jojoba oil, ylang ylang, rosewood, lemon, pink grapefruit, cedarwood, sandalwood, jasmine, myrrh, frankincense. all specifically chosen for skin-targeting benefits, scent, and emotional healing properties.

Put in your hands and slather everywhere.

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