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Moisture & Protein Infusion 20

Moisture & Protein Infusion 20
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Moisture & Protein Infusion 20

Sans Moisture & Protein Infusion 20
50 ml

Sans Moisture & Protein Infusion 20

Originally developed as a hair treatment for professional use only, this hydrating serum targets the internal structure of the hair fibre. It contains a powerful combination of small molecular proteins, bio-lipids and natural AHAs (critical for pH balancing) to protect, soften and nourish the hair.

Ceramide Complex (Glycosphingolipids & Phospholipids) protects hair against environmental damage and the effects of mechanical and chemical treatments by replenishing lipids within the hair and scalp to improve softness, resilience and shine. It also works to soothe sensitive, itchy and irritated skin and helps treat dandruff prone scalps. Wheat Amino Acids (Wheat Amino Acids) exhibits powerful moisture binding properties and is able to penetrate the hair cuticle to repair from within. Phyto Keratin (Hydrolysed Soy Protein & Hydrolysed Corn Protein & Hydrolysed Wheat Protein) are able to penetrate the hair cuticle to restructure and fortify from within.

ceramide complex (glycosphingolipids & phospholipids), wheat amino acids, phyto keratin (hydrolysed soy protein & hydrolysed corn protein & hydrolysed wheat protein).

Pump into palm.  Massage into hair then rinse. Use weekly to maintain optimum health and keep hair ultra glossy and shiny. Finish off with an application of Sans [ceuticals] Hydratant.

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