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Mother Essential Oil Blend

Mother Essential Oil Blend
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Mother Essential Oil Blend

 Mother Essential Oil Blend

Lake + Skye Mother Essential Oil Blend

Calming, Centering, Uplifting.

Motherhood is life magnified, it runs the gamut from chaotic, messy and draining to divine, beautiful and fulfilling. Blended to give that extra support to relieve tension, enable the remembrance of your true nature and relax into the beauty of the present moment. It is the calm in the center of daily life whether you are a mother (to children, animals or plants), trying to be a mother or just need to care for yourself.

Combines the top note Bergamot with a heart of Neroli and Jasmine and a base of Frankincense in Organic Jojoba & Coconut Oil.

bergamot: bergamot is a citrus fruit, whose rind is used for extracting the oil. relaxing and revitalizing, bergamot elevates the spirit, clarifies the mind and promotes confidence and inner strength. it assists with connecting to the higher self and inner purpose. easing the need to be in control so life can flow more easily and lessens feelings of disempowerment. helps to open the solar plexus and heart chakras.

frankincense: in ancient times, frankincense was considered more valuable then gold. this floral supports protection and clarity, it invites in the helping spirits and clears the auric field of negative energy and other residue left over from our own thoughts and other people’s energy. excellent for clearing and purifying the home and office spaces, frankincense is the middle eastern equivalent of sage and often used by feng-shui practitioners. considered as food for the gods, it deepens and expands the energetic body and is great for use prior to meditation, while lending support to overcoming fear and improving attitude.

jasmine grandiflorum: extracted from the jasmine flower in india, which opens its blooms to the morning sun, this calming oil promotes love and peace. known as the ultimate aphrodisiac, it increases inner strength and charisma, attracts love and sets a calm and sensual mood. jasmine is thought to resonate on both physical and spiritual levels, for mental and emotional peace, astral travel and to lift the spirit.

jojoba: jojoba is actually a wax, not an oil, extracted from the seed of the plant native to the mojave deserts of mexico, california and arizona. it has countless beauty benefits including rich antioxidant ingredients and it is a powerful skin softener. the molecular structure of jojoba closely resembles our own skins natural sebum, making it an gentle and non-greasy moisturizer. it is often used in aromatherapy as carrier oil, which dilutes essential oils so they are safe for topical application.

neroli: ancient egyptians regarded neroli for its strong ability to heal the mind, body and spirit. extracted from the flowers of the orange tree in south africa, this oil is used for centering, focus of intent and to clear mental confusion. it supports opening the heart chakra and attraction of positive energies and happiness, while relieving everyday worries.

Apply to pulse points: inside wrists, either side of the neck or behind ears. Can also be applied to the palms, rub together and inhale the scent with 3 deep breaths. For best results, shake well before application. Due to all natural ingredients, there may be some settlement of the oils.

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