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Powder Brush

La Bouche Rouge, Paris Powder Brush

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La Bouche Rouge, Paris Powder Brush

La Bouche Rouge, Paris Powder Brush

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Powder Brush

This Product Is: a handmade powder brush that consists of beech wood and vegan fibers

Good for: all skin types

Why We Love It: La Bouche Rouge, Paris Powder Brush allows you to harmoniously diffuse the powder over your entire face. This large brush, developed in the tradition of Japanese calligraphy allows a harmonious and diffuse application over the entire face.

Clean the powder brush every 2 to 4 weeks, depending on their use, with water and normal soap. Allow them to dry with the hairs facing down, to avoid water running into the wooden part of the brush.

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Beech wood and vegan fibers

All products are cruelty-free and formulated without ingredients on The Dirty List™️. At Credo, "clean" goes even deeper. Learn more.


Since launching in 2017, La Bouche Rouge has been defining a new standard in pure, sustainable beauty as the French Clean Beauty Pioneer. Concerned that the Cosmetics industry is the third largest environmental polluter, and that 83% of the Earth’s water is filled with plastic, La Bouche Rouge has decided to avoid the use of plastic from the product itself, to the formula and production processes. Starting with the lipstick as its icon, the Paris-based makeup Maison has set out to unite French traditional craftsmanship, and eco-responsibility. In 2020 the Maison has grown its collection to a full sustainable and revolutionary make up line – clean, microplastic-free and refillable. The range was created through the prism of the Maison’s four main values: responsibility, sustainability, traceability and creativity. Beauty for you and the planet.

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