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Purifying & Balancing Mineral Mask Set

Purifying & Balancing Mineral Mask Set
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Purifying & Balancing Mineral Mask Set

MV Organic Skincare Purifying & Balancing Mineral Mask Set

MV Organic Skincare Purifying & Balancing Mineral Mask Set

Deeply cleansing and detoxifying, this mask improves the skins natural functions, increasing cellular oxygenation, exfoliating, purifying and re-energizing the skin. To retain the active minerals within this superfine French clay our mask is guaranteed sun-dried and not oven-baked.   

It is recommended for the following skin types: Combination, Oily and acneic, Congested & neglected skin, Oxygen depleted skins.

Includes: Mask Blending Bowl – a compact stainless steel mixing bowl for clean and simple mask blending. Mask Brush – this easy-clean fan brush allows for speedy mask blending and clean application with the minimum of effort.

Key Benefits:
• Great for oily and combination skin
• Great used in the lead up to an event, eg wedding
• Stimulating and regenerating properties
• Encourages healthy skin function
• Can be used to combat acne
• Re-oxygenates dehydrated skins

superfine sun dried green french clay (montmorillonite); superfine sun dried white french clay (kaolin)

typical mineral composition: silica, aluminium, calcium, magnesium, iron oxide, potassium; traces of sodium and manganese.


Blend 2 teaspoons to a smooth creamy consistency with a small amount of Rose Hydrating Mist or filtered/spring water. Once the mask has been blended you can customise by adding 3–4 drops of your favourite MV Skin Booster.

Use your mask brush to apply to the face and neck then relax for approximatley 7 minutes — do not allow the mask to dry completely. 

Remove with warm water, damp face washer or muslin cloth, then spritz and moisturise as normal. 

Use twice a week and alternate with Calming & Softening Mask for optimum results. 

The MV Mask Blending Bowl and Mask Brush are essential mask accessories, allowing for no-fuss blending and clean and easy application.

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