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Kabuki Polisher

Kabuki Polisher
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Kabuki Polisher

RMS Kabuki Polisher

RMS Kabuki Polisher

A unique, modern take on the traditional kabuki brush, our Kabuki Polisher Retractable Brush is designed with soft, compact bristles that flawlessly polish both creams and powders into a high-impact, lustrous sheen.

Pairs beautifully with RMS Beauty Magic Luminizer and Master Mixer. Also works well with “Un” Cover-up, Buriti Bronzer and Contour Bronze.

"Applying Magic Luminizer using the Kabuki Polisher really buffs it into the skin, so it looks natural but with added highlight and drama. This achieves that 'Instagram strobing' effect, but with a subtle, radiant sophistication."
- Rose-Marie Swift, Creator and Make-up Artist

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