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Rose & Pomegranate Face Oil

Rose & Pomegranate Face Oil
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Rose & Pomegranate Face Oil

Captain Blankenship Rose & Pomegranate Face Oil
1 oz

Captain Blankenship Rose & Pomegranate Face Oil

An organic blend of rich moisturizing and healing plant oils high in antioxidants and essential fatty acids that is easily absorbed by skin. A few drops is all it takes to leave your face soft, glowing and enveloped in the smell of fresh roses. Can be used morning and night all year round to make your skin sing. Good for all skin types.

organic pomegranate seed oil: the fruit of the gods, is deeply nourishing and high in antioxidants.

organic camellia seed oil: prized for centuries in japan is a lightweight oil that helps reduce scarring and soften lines.

organic jojoba oil: mimics our skin’s own natural sebum replenishing dry skin.

organic calendula extract: hydrates skin, brightens complexion and reduces inflammation.

organic carrot seed oil: is high in antioxidants, vitamin e and vitamin c, helping rejuvenate and repair skin.

organic rose essential: uplifts the spirit with the smell of fresh roses and is a gently healing and anti-inflammatory oil.

organic jojoba oil, organic sunflower oil, organic pomegranate seed oil, organic camellia seed oil, organic calendula extract, organic carrot seed oil, non-gmo vitamin e & organic rose essential oil.

Massage a few drops into face, neck and around eyes morning and night. Can be mixed with sunscreen during the day.

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