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Refillable The Quadrant Eyeshadow Quad

Kjaer Weis

Refillable The Quadrant Eyeshadow Quad

Refillable The Quadrant Eyeshadow Quad

A silky powder refillable eyeshadow designed to fit Red Edition Quadrant Compact or Iconic Edition Quadrant Compact.

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current variant is: Spellbound
Four Deep Warm Smokey
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Refillable The Quadrant Eyeshadow Quad

Spellbound (four deep warm smokey)
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Suitable for

All skin types including dry, mature, sensitive, blemish-prone, combination and normal.

Why we stand behind it

Kjaer Weis Quadrant Eyeshadow Quad is the first-ever curated eye collection by Kjaer Weis. Expertly curated to create both minimal and high-impact looks, these beautiful colors are buildable. Create a sheer translucent wash of color or a more rich and saturated hues look. Each soft to the touch color is infused with organic extracts like honeysuckle and gardenia and infused with natural bamboo and carnauba wax for seamless blending.

The Quadrant is refillable and can be housed in an Iconic Edition or Red Edition Compact. Innovative technology allows shades to be precisely pressed together into a single pan, reducing the amount of tin metal and packaging material needed. These tissue-thin, silky powder eye shadows transform, deepen, and shift with every layer, enveloping eyes in ethereal color. Some are sand-dune soft and matte. Some shimmer like a distant heat mirage, a blanket of stars in the vast desert sky.

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Gluten Free

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What is an undertone?

An undertone is the color beneath the surface of your skin, which never changes (even with a tan). There are three types of undertones:


I see red or pink undertones around the perimeter of my face and neck.
My skin burns easily, but barely tans.
My skin looks better in silver jewelry than gold.


I see both pink and yellow undertones around the perimeter of my face and neck.
My skin sometimes burns and sometimes tans.
My skin looks good in both gold and silver jewelry.


I see yellow or golden undertones around the perimeter of my face and neck.
My skin rarely burns, but tans easily.
My skin looks better in gold jewelry than silver.

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WANDERER Angelic - Grace - Wisdom - Charmed For a Natural Look-- Using the Soft Brush, swipe Angelic over the entire lid to lay the canvas for the eye look. For deeper skin tones, apply Charmed as the base color. With the same brush, apply Grace on the moving part of the lid. Also sweep Grace underneath the eye to create a velvety depth. Pro Tip: Use Grace as a soft blonde or light brown eyebrow powder Blend Wisdom under the eye next to lashes using the Definition Brush. Also pull Wisdom into the eye fold/crease using the Crease Brush to build a really soft yet shaped eye. Lastly, blend Charmed with the Crease Brush into and above Wisdom as a transition color to soften any lines. To Play up an Editorial Feel-- Add more contrast by placing Angelic on the inner corner of the eye using the Definition Brush. Use the Brown Eye Pencil in waterline or smudge into lashes to create fullness and depth Finish the eye look with a coat of Volumizing or Lengthening Mascara Complete the look-- Because this is such a soft, subdued monochromatic look, play up the rest of the face with pinks and roses. Cheeks: Blossoming, Reverence, and Lovely Lips: Believe or the deeper Nude Naturally Lipstick shades, and Lip Glosses in Admire or Affinity Quick Pairs-- Grace and Angelic for a natural and soft purplish grey definition Charmed and Grace for a natural, muted earthy definition
SPELLBOUND Divine - Earthy Calm - Magnetic - Cloud Nine For a Natural Look-- Sweep Cloud Nine all over the eyelid with the Eyeshadow Brush as a base to brighten and prime the eye area. Using the Eyeshadow Brush, apply Magnetic over the lid and underneath the eye to begin building a soft velvety layering of colors To lift and shape the eye, place Earthy Calm in the crease or slightly above the eye fold with the Crease Brush. Use the Definition Brush to add Earthy Calm underneath the eye, making sure you can still see Magnetic. With the Definition Brush, use Divine as a liner close to the lashes. You can also pull Divine in from the outer corner into the crease to create even more depth and shape. To Play up an Editorial Feel-- Use the Black Eye Pencil on the upper and lower lash line. Use the Definition Brush to blend and stretch the pencil into a winged shape Apply Divine on top of the pencil to accentuate the winged shape created Add Black Eye Pencil into the waterline for more drama Finish the eye look with a few coats of Volumizing Mascara Complete the look-- Using cooler tones on the face will accentuate the warm smokeyness of the eyes Cheeks: Sun Touched and Abundance Lips: Calm and Soft Lip Pencils, Gracious Lipstick Pro Tip: Magnetic can be used as an eyebrow powder Quick Pairs-- Cloud Nine all over and Divine to define the lashes for natural definition Magnetic in the crease and Earthly Calm on the lid for a sultry brown smoke

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Kjaer Weis

Kjaer Weis is uniquely versatile, gorgeously flattering & high-performance beauty powered by hand selected Certified Organic ingredients. Makeup artist Kirsten Kjaer Weis curates a uniquely versatile and gorgeously flattering ritual for beautiful results, combining the thoughtfulness of the Denmark of her birth and the energy of NYC, her home base. Her beautifully curated collection is known for impeccable color and the highest commitment to sustainability. Multi-purpose formulas are housed in completely refillable and recyclable compacts that look like contemporary art.

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