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Healthy Aura Spray Lavender/Bergamot

Healthy Aura Spray Lavender/Bergamot
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Healthy Aura Spray Lavender/Bergamot

4 oz

Tony & Tina Healthy Aura Spray: Lavender/Bergamot

Benefits: When your auric field is healthy you feel happy, confident and loved. It is energetically supportive for the body and aura. Clears and repairs the auric field for a sense of lightness; well-being. Helps us release what we do not need, like stagnant energy, stops any negative energy from getting in and at the same time facilitates positive energy to flow into us. Helpful in protecting the strength and health of your auric field, which is our two-way filter to the world.

Tony & Tina have energetically infused this oil with beneficial Reiki energy and positive intentions to bring you health, happiness and energetic protection.

The Crystal: This bottle contains a clear quartz crystal programmed for auric field radiance, which inspires your innate joy. It will also put you in vibration with a sense of safety and peace. You can use it long after you have used up your bottle. Hold it, sleep with it under your pillow and/or keep it in your pocket to help manifest your daily desires.

*lavender oil, *bergamot oil, distilled water

*certified organic

Designed to be misted over the blocked or distressed part of the body, and into the energy field that surrounds your body. Spray on and around your body, linens and environment. It’s a great way to clear the energy in any room. Spray directly onto you face to feel refreshed in the sun and to nourish your skin at the same time.

Insiders Tip: Safe to spray on most clothes to create a protective healing field around you while you are out in the world and on linens and sheets before bedtime to sleep in a loving, healing and protective vibration. Plus spray it directly onto your face for great skincare benefits.

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