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Well Spray Inner Beauty Support

The Beauty Chef Well Spray Inner Beauty Support

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The Beauty Chef Well Spray Inner Beauty Support

The Beauty Chef Well Spray Inner Beauty Support

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Well Spray Inner Beauty Support

This Product Is: an on-the-go oral spray to help support digestive health and well being

Why We Love it: The Beauty Chef Well Spray Inner Beauty Support is a holistic health companion, perfect for on-the-go, that helps to support immune function, gut health, and promote glowing skin from within. This herbal mouth spray contains bio-fermented superfoods including pomegranate and elderberry, and nutritious herbs such as olive leaf, sage and calendula. Additionally, this formula contains selenium, a mineral that helps support immune function, and biotin which supports healthy hair, nails and skin. This spray has a refreshing peppermint taste and is perfect for travel. 

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Consume 12 sprays orally (1.2mL) per day, (4 sprays, 3 times daily). Enjoy up to 20 sprays (2mL) daily. Contains 5.4% alcohol.

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Glycerol, bio-fermented herbal blend (calendula flower liquid extract, sage leaf liquid extract, elderberry fruit juice concentrate, olive leaf extract, pomegranate seed liquid extract, lactobacillus acidophilus, l. Casei, l. Plantarum, l. Bulgaricus, bifidobacterium lactis, saccharomyces cerevisiae), water, peppermint oil, natural flavours (peppermint, lemon), clove bud oil, selenomethionine, biotin *fermented ingredients.

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Carla Oates is the Founder and CEO of The Beauty Chef and a skincare innovator in the beauty and wellness industry. In 2009, Carla created GLOW Inner Beauty Powder and single-handedly pioneered the global ingestible beauty category. Carla has since created a complete ‘inner beauty routine’ using products that nourish the skin and improve digestive health to cultivate glowing, healthy skin and support overall wellbeing. Her mantra is ‘beauty begins in the belly’. 

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