The brand that removed 2 tons of plastic from the ocean

The brand that removed 2 tons of plastic from the ocean

It’s no secret that 95% of plastic is used only once before it’s discarded–and that 8 million tons of it are dumped into our oceans every year. While estimates say it will take hundreds of years for this plastic to decompose, the micro-plastics that they degrade into threaten fragile marine ecosystems along with the livelihoods of people who rely on the ocean. Kinship is making a difference with a full-circle solution that cleans up our oceans: Ocean Waste Plastic (OWP) packaging. By using existing and irresponsibly discarded plastic and turning it into recyclable packaging, we’re starting a wave of change in clean beauty.

OWP is a recycled material made from plastic waste that is collected from our oceans. A local network of fishing communities collects OWP, which gets cleaned, sorted, and turned into recycled (and recyclable) packaging for our jars. Kinship’s OWP is traceable to the Java Sea and marine sources in Indonesia.



(Tip: use your phone’s camera to scan the QR code on the jars of Insta Swipe and Supermello to see their exact source.) OWP complies with the EU’s cosmetics regulations for safe packaging, and Kinship’s is BPA-free.

With OWP + post-consumer recycled materials, Kinship has already made a measurable impact on cleaning up our oceans + reducing our carbon footprint:

• In our first 8 months as a new brand, Kinship has removed 2 tons of plastic waste from our oceans by using OWP packaging.

• OWP production emits 75% fewer greenhouse gases than virgin plastic.

• Recycling plastic saves 2x as much energy, versus when it’s incinerated.

Kinship’s jars use OWP, and our tubes are made of post-consumer recycled materials. Our packaging is always minimal to eliminate unnecessary waste. You’ll only see cartons (made of FSC-certified paper) when regulations require them. 

There’s an undeniable connection between our health and that of our planet. What’s clean + non-toxic for your skin should be true for our environment, too. We believe that self-care and the care for our planet should go hand-in-hand. Together, we are making change for the good.



Kinship combines wellness with science-led skincare to create affordable, clean, high-performance, consciously-packaged and cruelty-free products. At the heart of our products is Kinbiome™– a proprietary microbiome technology that supports a healthy skin barrier. We are your skin's support system. 

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