Celebrating 3 years of Pact

Celebrating 3 years of Pact

Embracing the spirit of Earth Day and our commitment to the planet, we are reminded more than ever of the little things we can do to help transform the beauty industry. Our mission of care and curiosity led us to the creation of Pact Collective, a groundbreaking nonprofit determined to revolutionize the design and disposal of beauty packaging that is difficult to recycle. 


Co-founded with MOB Beauty, we collaborated over two years to shape Pact’s vision and launch its first collection program in Credo Beauty stores on April 22, 2021. What began in ten of our stores has now blossomed into over 2,500 Pact drop-off locations in the United States and Canada, boasting a community of over 150 members–a resounding success that marks just the beginning of our journey. As of now, more than 239,000 pounds of hard-to-recycle beauty packaging has been diverted from landfills.  


Annually, the beauty sector produces a staggering 120 billion cosmetic packages, often crafted from virgin plastic with a dismal chance of being recycled. This packaging waste has a lasting impact, enduring for hundreds of years and causing pollution in communities and ecosystems. 


At the core of Pact’s mission is the aspiration to unite the beauty industry in a collective effort towards circularity, working towards ending packaging waste and keeping materials in use whenever possible. Simultaneously, it aims to provide an immediate solution for hard-to-recycle plastic packages smaller than a yogurt cup, squeezable tubes, pumps, caps, and other small formats unlikely to find a second life through curbside recycling programs.  


Check out our quick guide on how to find the best way to recycle your beauty empties. 

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