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Lipstick Angels

1% of every purchase is donated to The Lipstick Angels

Lipstick Angels provides care and treatment through compassionate bedside delivery of our natural makeup and skin care brands to seriously ill hospital patients.

Lipstick Angels is a non-profit organization that provides personalized, oncology-sensitive beauty and skin care services to cancer patients using Credo’s wide variety of clean skin care and makeup brands.

We know that without a healthy state of mind, patients have a more difficult time with the physical and emotional destructiveness of chronic disease. Lipstick Angels has seen amazing proof that a positive self-image and intimate human contact can help increase emotional resilience and boost a positive attitude during what is often the most difficult moment in a patient’s life.  When patients look good, and feel pampered, smiles often follow.

Lipstick Angels provides cancer patients with a menu of free, bedside services such as facials, hand massages, aromatherapy, eyebrow tutorials, and make-up applications while they are undergoing chemotherapy treatment. A visit with a Lipstick Angel offers a spa-like pampering, one-on-one companionship, and much-needed distraction during these in-hospital treatments which can often last hours. These services are available to anyone, regardless of gender and are also available to patient caregivers who often go through a great deal themselves in caring for a loved one with cancer.

Credo is proud to donate 1% of every purchase directly to Lipstick Angels. If you’d like to join us in making a tax-deductible contribution, please visit the Lipstick Angels donation page.

"My dream is to make the Lipstick Angels a program that is accessible to all women patients in hospitals who need a beauty boost to remind them of the special women that they all are."
Renata HelfmanFOUNDER