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Lemongrass Body Oil

Lemongrass Body Oil
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Lemongrass Body Oil

Lemongrass Body Oil
4 oz

SW Basics of BK Lemongrass Body Oil

So you've just taken a nice, hot shower and toweled off and—gasp! Now what? Are you just going to step out into the bitter cold/sweltering heat/suffocating humidity/arid wind with NO protection for your skin? We thought not. S.W. Basics’s newly reformulated Body Oil is a great way to quickly lock in moisture and keep it there all day long because it's made with three of the most super powered oils out there: sesame, macadamia, and avocado! They're light enough to soak in deep and heavy enough to get the job done. And, you're in luck! The Lemongrass scent, with the added awesomeness of organic lemongrass essential oil is back.

organic sesame oil, organic macadamia oil, organic avocado oil, organic lemongrass essential oil.

Massage into skin and allow to soak in completely. Especially great post-shower.

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