Meet the Founder: Jen Aniston and LolaVie

Meet the Founder: Jen Aniston and LolaVie

Jennifer Aniston, Founder and Creator, LolaVie  

The actress tells us about her science-backed, award-winning haircare line—now at Credo.

Credo Beauty: We’re so excited to have your products here at Credo! What is it about Credo that makes it feel like a good home for LolaVie

Jennifer Aniston: Credo is the perfect retail partner for LolaVie because we both are so passionate about the products we are putting out. Credo’s Clean Standard goes above and beyond, avoiding “The Dirty List,” and goes much further to create safer and more transparent products. At LolaVie, we also have a passion for creating products that are naturally derived, plant-based and highly effective—so this was the perfect fit. 

CB: What inspired your brand’s name? And how does that translate into your products? 

JA: So 'Lola' is a nickname that I was given years ago when I first moved to California. I love that song, "Whatever Lola Wants" by Sarah Vaughan. Then 'Vie' means life—I wanted to incorporate the idea of living my life and being authentic. 

CB: Why was it important to you for LolaVie’s formulas to be made with clean, plant-based ingredients? 

JA: Over the years, I’ve had so much wear and tear on my hair. I have tried so many different products, and found I liked certain things about each—one had a great scent, another had a great consistency—so for LolaVie, we decided to create products that combined all of my favorite things and ideas. We also wanted to show that clean, highly effective products are possible. We take the time and care to ensure all of our products are absolutely perfect before launching them. I never understood why there weren't products like this on the market—ones that didn’t have to sacrifice performance for clean ingredients. 

CB: All of LolaVie’s products replace water for bamboo extract—a renewable resource-to conserve clean water. What are some other sustainable brand initiatives can you tell us about? 

JA: We are committed to doing our part for the planet and to being more sustainable. In addition to using recyclable packaging wherever possible, we’re proud to fortify our products with bamboo essence instead of common water. We’re also working on some other sustainability initiatives that you’ll hear about in the future. 

CB: Hair is a huge part of our identity. How has your relationship with your own hair changed over the course of your career leading up to LolaVie? 

JA: Honestly, my hair has always been a thorn in my side. My mom let me do whatever I wanted to do with it. At 13 years old, my hair was long, down to my butt, and I cut it off to a Dorothy Hamill-style. And I've been paying for that ever since to get it to grow. Of course, I have good and bad hair days—we all have them. On a good hair day, you feel incredible! But as an actor, my hair goes through so much wear and tear. I’ve learned to listen to what it is telling me it needs. Now I look to create and ultimately use products that re-nourish my hair and scalp. 

CB: Any advice for someone who wants to switch over to a clean beauty routine?
JA: I have always been in the mindset of “how do I take the best care of myself?” So I have always chosen to do things that make me feel good, healthy and thrive. I try to stay hydrated, maintain healthy eating habits, and exercise because it all benefits not only my body, but also my mind, and, of course, my hair. So I say, look for a beauty routine that makes you shine from the inside out. The brands and products are out there—it’s just finding what works best for you! 

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