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Clean Lipstick

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Clean Lipstick

For pure impact, no cosmetic makes as much of a visual smash as lipstick. Discover Credo's extensive selection of clean, natural lipsticks in a wide variety of shades featuring ingredients such as coconut, grape, cranberry, almond, green tea, vitamins, minerals, hyaluronic acid, natural oils, natural waxes and natural pigments, including vegan options. Our cruelty free and non-toxic skincare products are a better way to plump, hydrate, and draw attention to your lips.

Credo provides the largest clean beauty skin care assortment and all products have documentation for ingredient authenticity and proof of claims. Every product at Credo is a safer, cleaner version of something you already love. Order online or let us help you curate your personal selection of Credo’s natural skincare products at Credo stores in Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, New York, Brooklyn, San Diego and San Francisco and enjoy free samples of other safe and effective solutions with every purchase. Believe in better beauty with Credo.

Because applied lip products are often unintentionally ingested, it is important to find natural lipsticks and tinted lip balms that are also long lasting.

With ingredients that include vitamins, organic plant seed oils and fruit extracts, Credo brings you a large variety of safe lipsticks and lip liners from reputable clean lipstick brands. The formulas are designed to apply smoothly and range in color from bright hot pink to soft, dark berry.

Browse through our collection of clean lipsticks and enjoy the conditioning and hydrating benefits that they offer. Shop at Credo for a wide range of lip loving makeup and clean lip care products.