Change Makers: Joanne & Greg Starkman, Innersense Organic Beauty founders

Change Makers: Joanne & Greg Starkman, Innersense Organic Beauty founders

Trust your “Innersense”…CHANGE-ing tresses and so much more.

Innersense Organic Beauty is changing so much more than our hair. Don’t get us wrong - our hair has become one seamless good-to-great hair day thanks to this amazing brand and its clean shampoo, conditioner and styling products, and for that, we’re gorgeously grateful. But then we learned more and the “awe” settled in.

When two beauty professionals, Joanne, a hair stylist and Greg, an artist, crossed paths with a shared passion for hair beauty and life, they learned their shared passions didn’t stop there.

Thank you Innersense for our “this is mine” hair, and for all the above-and-beyond good you do. Changing our hair and so much more. The list of causes grateful for Innersense isn’t short…but it’s “awe” some…Read on…

Innersense Organic Beauties Philanthropic Community:

Lipstick Angels – Donated 10K in 2019 alone, this close-to-our-heart cause provides in-hospital bedside beauty to those who need it most.

Williams Syndrome Association – An organization for those suffering with Williams Syndrome, (including Innersense founder's daughter, Morgan) the support they need throughout their lifespan to live healthy, self-directed and productive lives.

Fearless Beauty – Cosmetology education for incarcerated women.

Feeding America – A national non-profit networking with food banks everywhere.

Breast Cancer Prevention Partners – A leading advocacy organization focusing on the elimination of preventable causes of breast cancer.

Women’s Voices for the Earth – A non-profit organization on a mission to educate and eliminate toxins that harm women’s health.

Waterkeeper Alliance – Ensuring that every community worldwide has the right to drinkable, fishable and swimmable water.

Professional Beauty Association: Disaster Relief Fund – Helping beauty industry professionals rebuild their lives following the devastation of a natural disaster.

With every hair flip, perfect tress day and “waking up like this”, we thank you Innersense! From helping others, to truly owning your Change Maker name, hair aside, we are so happy to be in your company.

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