5 minutes with Jenefer Palmer, founder of OSEA

5 minutes with Jenefer Palmer, founder of OSEA

Five reasons we love Jenefer Palmer. We knew we were fans of OSEA, but her backstory seals that obsession with a big, beautiful dose of clean love...and a bigger dose of seaweed and sustainability. We want her routine, her philosophy - and yes, her skin.

What inspired you to start Osea?

Jenefer: In the early 80s, I became spa director at one of Southern California’s first wellness spas. I searched for natural skincare products to use and sell at the spa. At that time, it was nearly impossible to find skincare brands that weren’t packed with harmful ingredients. I just had this “aha” moment, where I knew I could create something better, that was safe and actually worked! I formulated my first product 35 years ago and launched OSEA 24 years ago.

Seaweed is your star ingredient...what are the benefits for the skin?

Jenefer: The benefits of seaweed are endless. Seaweed is a naturally rich source of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and antioxidants. It revitalizes and firms your skin giving you a more youthful appearance. Seaweed reduces wrinkles because it helps increase collagen production. Plus, it moisturizes and protects your skin from environmental pollution.

Sustainability is the heart of your brand. Can you tell us more?

Jenefer: It is important now more than ever to be good stewards to the environment. We look at sustainability from three angles: packaging, ingredients and formulas.

• Since day one in 1996, 95% of our products have been packaged in recyclable glass.

• The Undaria Algae we gather in Patagonia is an invasive species, through harvesting we are helping to balance the ecosystem. 

• OSEA is (and has always been) 100% vegan and plant-based.

What is your morning routine?

Jenefer: I’m a night owl, so I am literally in slow motion in the morning. So, it’s more about a night routine for me. I wash my face with Ocean Cleanser and then I slather Advanced Protection Cream on my face and neck.


Sometimes, I do a quick body brushing followed by Undaria Algae Oil. My friends know if they want something from me, they will get an immediate response around 11pm.

5. How do you unwind?

Jenefer: My husband is a songwriter and I love dancing while he plays the piano.

Thanks for sharing your secrets, your amazing story and the fact that seaweed reduces wrinkles and increases collagen production. Now we’re dancing too! 

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