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Meet Pact, a Packaging Collection Program

The beauty industry generates an estimated 120 billion cosmetic packages annually, most of which are made with virgin plastic and are unlikely to be recycled. Packaging waste can last hundreds of years, and can pollute communities and ecosystems.

Credo is incredibly proud to be a co-founder of Pact, a nonprofit organization out to change the way that beauty packaging is designed and disposed of. Credo and our Pact co-founders MOB Beauty worked together for two years to articulate the organization's vision and create the hard-to-recycle collection program piloting in Credo stores. Pact launched on Earth Day, April 22, in 2021, in ten Credo stores. Now, there’s more than 393 Pact drop-off locations, with a total of 140+ members. We call that a success! And we're just getting started.

*Pact Collective: the first not-for-profit packaging collection program for the beauty industry, by the beauty industry.

Pact’s Mission

Pact’s mission is to bring the beauty industry together to work toward circularity, and in the meantime, to provide a solution for hard-to-recycle beauty packaging. 

"Hard to Recycle"—what does that mean?

“Hard-to-recycle” is defined as plastic packages smaller than a yogurt cup, squeezable tubes, pumps, caps, and other common formats that are unlikely to be recycled in curbside programs—even in “single stream” bins. Pact diverts this waste from landfill, and is working to give them a new life! 
The current linear, “take-make-waste” economy is inherently unsustainable, and our industry plays a big role. That is why Pact is working toward circularity, or a circular economy. We want to see the industry design waste out of packaging. We need to end pollution, and keep materials in use, circulating through the economy through recycling or refill systems. 

A collective effort:

Pact is a membership organization driven by two founding companies: Credo Beauty and MOB Beauty. These founders represent three of the major stakeholders in beauty—retailers, a brand, and a packaging manufacturer—and that's by design.
We have a huge problem to tackle–this is a big undertaking. Pact is an articulation and evolution of Credo’s long-standing commitment to sustainability and clean beauty leadership. We hope you’ll roll up your sleeves and join us.

Follow our quick guide HERE to find the best way to recycle your beauty empties.
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