Meet Superkind: Real skin care for reactive skin

Meet Superkind: Real skin care for reactive skin

Skin care for reactive skin doesn't have to be boring.

Specifically designed for reactive skin, Tata Harper's new skincare collection, Superkind, was inspired by conversations the founder was having with clients and friends with this skin type. 

In today’s modern environment, Tata found there were more and more people with reactive skin because of the stressors & allergens that weaken the skin barrier. This became a new challenge for the brand: finding a way to give reactive skin a results-driven solution that’s also 100% clean. 

The science of reactive skin care.

After multiple years of research, Tata found that reactive skin can be classified as skin with a weakened skin barrier. A weakened barrier leaves skin defenseless, allowing it to be affected by various stressors and aggressors and causing reactions. What became clear to Tata and her team of engineers is that they needed to treat the skin barrier like the living & breathing ecosystem it is.

Super gentle, super powerful solutions.

The Superkind skincare collection of a cleanser, mask and moisturizer is made up of seriously hard working products, specifically designed to fortify the skin barrier and revitalize reactive skin. Each formula in the collection contains a meticulous curation of constructive ingredients to calm and strengthen the skin while delivering real anti-aging benefits for the signature Tata Harper healthy glow.

On top of that, Tata applied extensive filters to exclude stressors & irritants that weaken the skin barrier & trigger reactions. 

All together, Superkind excludes over 80 of the most common skin triggers and allergens like soy, gluten, nuts, harsh acids, BHAs, sulfates, and essential oils. The line is hypoallergenic, extensively derm tested, ecocert certified, and completely fragrance free.

Superkind is a new approach to beauty for reactive skin. It is:

SUPER POWERFUL: Made with high-powered green technology that reactive skin can tolerate — because nature is powerful enough to work gently.

SUPER GENTLE: Meticulously curated ingredients to create stress-free formulas — because absence makes the skin grow stronger.

The Superkind routine

If you have reactive skin, get real skincare results with this mini-regimen from the Superkind line.


- Constructive cleansing for reactive skin
- Made to support the skin barrier, not strip it

This micro-foaming cream cleanser comforts the skin while gently dissolving buildup and impurities. A lipid complex supports a healthy skin barrier and restorative nutrients help soothe and soften stressed, reactive skin. This cleanser is activated by water. Apply it onto damp skin or with slightly wet hands to create a deliciously dense, rich and bubbly foam for your most comforting cleanse yet.


- Delicate refining for reactive skin
- Made to restore radiance and the microbiome

This gentle mask revives dull, dry skin without irritation to reveal a healthy-looking glow. Mild AHAs exfoliate and microbiome-balancing prebiotics support a healthy skin barrier. Apply a thick layer over face and neck. To activate this formula, massage into the skin until it turns white. Leave on for 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water.


- Daily defense for reactive skin
- Made to fortify and shield against daily stress

This moisturizer cocoons dry, damaged skin with moisture-retentive polysaccharides. A lipid complex supports a healthy skin barrier while hyaluronic acid restores suppleness. This antioxidant-rich formula helps fortify the skin against sensitizers to nurture depleted, stressed skin. Massage 1 to 2 pumps onto face and neck. Use AM & PM.

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