Credo & Avobenzone
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Credo & Avobenzone

Avobenzone is a chemical sunscreen that has one of the safest ratings, and is best recommended at about 3% in the formulation.  It’s known to protect against both UVA and UVB rays and there is evidence that is can absorb UV rays over a wide wavelength.

Unlike other chemical sunscreens that have compelling research showing that they are hormone disruptors, can bioaccumulate at high percentages, and may increase skin sensitivity and penetration, Avobenzone looks to be the safest choice. However, there is growing concern that since the chemical tends to breakdown quickly and doesn’t stay stable, there is not enough enough research to show how its deterioration can affect our health; meaning, how does this chemical breakdown through our skin and is there any lasting concerns.  It’s instability also may increase skin sensitivity and it’s often recommended that products using Avobenzone be applied more frequently. 

For us at Credo, we suggest concerned mindful use of Avobenzone, and making sure that its percentage in the formula is at 3% or under. If you have very sensitive skin, and burn easily in the sun, Avobenzone would probably not be the best choice.