Cruelty Free

Credo has been a cruelty-free store since we launched in 2015.
Cruelty-free beauty means that products were not tested on animals—no guinea pigs, rabbits, rats or any other creatures forced to use skin care and cosmetics to see if they are irritating to skin. All of our brands commit to testing out their products only on human beings (who volunteer or are paid!).

Fortunately, the vast majority of cosmetics companies stopped testing on animals years ago in response to consumer demands. In September 2018, CA Governor signed a bill into law that effectively bans animal testing on ingredients and products effective in 2020. Since CA is the state with the largest economy, and companies will not make one version of a product for CA and another for sale in another state, this state law sets the precedent for the nation.

And, the Personal Care Products Safety Act by Senators Feinstein and Collins, which was recently re-introduced, echoes the mandate of the CA bill. Credo has publicly endorsed this bill.

All of this is great news for animals and animal-lovers like us at Credo. We’ve been here all along and we’re glad to see the tide turn so decisively in the direction of cruelty-free.