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The Credo clean standard

At Credo, we back “clean” with the strongest standards in retail today.

What is The Credo Clean Standard™?

In order for “clean” to have real meaning, brands need to walk the walk. And in order to do that, they need guidelines—and required compliance always helps to make it real, too. Enter The Credo Clean Standard, the strongest standard in retail.

Credo has always had its Dirty List® that contains over 2,700 specific ingredients and types of ingredients that are used in mainstream beauty products, but Credo prohibits due to safety and/or sustainability reasons.

An abbreviated Dirty List® list is here. *Please note that an entry can be comprised of many ingredients.

The Dirty List® is an important foundation, but the Clean Standard goes much further than a “free of” list. It requires brands to:  

  • Use official ingredient terminology (called INCI) and use ingredient source codes where possible

  • Obtain documentation on their ingredients’ composition, purity and sourcing information

  • Conduct basic consumer safety (on humans…that volunteer!) and product stability testing

  • Back up product and ingredient claims

  • Be transparent about “fragrance”—at a minimum they must categorize the type of fragrance they use, and we encourage full disclosure of all fragrance ingredients. Learn More

…and more. None of this is currently required by the US government or other retailers.

Credo’s Clean Standard will continue to evolve over time, especially in light of new data and innovation. We learn from allies up and down the supply chain, and Credo offers our brand partners support in the journey to be compliant. Raising the bar on safety, sustainability and transparency is not easy, but most worthwhile undertakings aren’t! Doing “clean” together as allies make it possible, and more fun.