Night Off Face Wash

Night Off Face Wash

Youthforia′s Night Off Face Wash is a gentle, deep cleanser infused with green tea to effectively remove dirt, sunscreen, and makeup without stripping sensitive skin barriers.

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Suitable for

All skin types.

Why we stand behind it

Removes dirt, sunscreen and makeup without over stripping or dehydrating skin.

Key ingredients

Real Green Tea Leaves: gently exfoliate dead skin and makeup buildup without using microplastics.
Apricot Seed Oil: helps manage sebum in pores.
Catechin and Tannins: a group of powerful antioxidants found in Green Tea to help brighten skin and diminish the appearance of pores.
Note: Due to the tannins found in the green tea leaves of Night Off Face Wash the color may change over time. No need to worry, think of it like a cup of tea - it gets darker the longer it brews!

this product meets

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This product is


Gluten Free

Soy Free

What is an undertone?

An undertone is the color beneath the surface of your skin, which never changes (even with a tan). There are three types of undertones:


I see red or pink undertones around the perimeter of my face and neck.
My skin burns easily, but barely tans.
My skin looks better in silver jewelry than gold.


I see both pink and yellow undertones around the perimeter of my face and neck.
My skin sometimes burns and sometimes tans.
My skin looks good in both gold and silver jewelry.


I see yellow or golden undertones around the perimeter of my face and neck.
My skin rarely burns, but tans easily.
My skin looks better in gold jewelry than silver.

Find your shade match

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Lather a quarter size amount in palms and mix with lukewarm water to create a foam. Apply to dry skin, gently massaging for at least two minutes to break down makeup. Keep eyes closed during use. Can be used both AM and PM.

Full ingredient list

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Developed by Fiona Co Chan, Youthforia is makeup formulated as skincare - so safe you can sleep in it. Using plant-based synthetics to achieve the luxurious textures and high performance we want and offer nutritionally-dense and BioBased formulas to improve your skin with every wear. Treating yourself to fun and your skin to plant-based brilliance.

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