“All” is a magic number. Introducing Exa! 

“All” is a magic number. Introducing Exa! 

"The Best Foundation of 2020" - O, The Oprah Magazine

Only at Credo. Exa has burst onto the clean scene with 43 shades of gorgeous, clean foundation made for everyone. 

The team behind Exa spent two years creating the most inclusive shade range in clean beauty today (yes, awesomeness takes time). Wondering where the name Exa came from? Exa is the decimal unit prefix 1018 (1,000,000,000,000,000,000), a statement of big impact and range so it makes sense that we celebrate individuality and the makeup that changes everything for all. All skin types, all ages, all quirks, all smiles, all passions, all faces, all people, all over the world. With a range of shades for every human, this crazy long-wearing coverage is also super sustainable (or we just wouldn’t sleep at night).

Come as you are. Hifi how you feel

Introducing HIGH FIDELITY SEMI-SATIN FOUNDATION. Charged with anti-pollution actives, Exa is the only clean foundation formula that surpasses the performance of top-selling conventional formulas. Supercharged and loaded with high-performance skincare ingredients like peach leaf, cocoa fruit powder, maqui berry, and hyaluronic acid, this is the face of the future for every colorful, gorgeous one of you. $38


But first…don’t start without a jump start. Charged with a triple-antioxidant blend, JUMP START SMOOTHING PRIMER truly works with all skin tones and effortlessly combines with all foundation shades. Long-wearing and semi-matte with impeccable blurring properties and plant-based ingredients like raspberry seed oil, coco fruit powder and CoQ10 for a whopping dose of antioxidants to protect the skin from environmental stressors. $34


Exa = Eco

If it’s not eco, it’s not Exa. When choosing materials for packaging, Exa considers the entire lifecycle—both how the material is sourced and how it can be responsibly discarded. Whenever possible, they aim to select materials that can be recycled or composted. This, to Exa, is the only option.

How Exa gives back...

Exa donates a percentage of proceeds to Women’s Voices for the Earth, an organization that amplifies women’s voices to eliminate the chemicals that harm our health and our communities.

Exa is here and we feel the energy, the movement and the all-inclusive big news we’ve been waiting for…changing the face of clean beauty is what we’re all about. Thank you Exa and welcome! 

Find your perfect Exa. Get shade matched now.

Wear it. Share it. Stand out. #AmplifyYourNature…@exa.beauty

43 Shades

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