Layering Fragrances by Bee Shapiro, Founder of Ellis Brooklyn

Layering Fragrances by Bee Shapiro, Founder of Ellis Brooklyn

Find fragrance layering intimidating? You're hardly alone. So too did Bee Shapiro, founder of Ellis Brooklyn and she's been covering beauty for the New York Times for the last 12 years!

About 5 years ago, Bee founded Ellis Brooklyn while pregnant with her daughter Ellis and living in Brooklyn. On the hunt for a clean and safe fine fragrance option, Bee decided to start her own. Together with the award-winning perfumer Jerome Epinette, Bee crafted clean, fine fragrances that are undeniably luxe, yet approachable and designed for everyday. "I think very niche fragrances can be incredibly interesting—I once smelled a fragrance inspired by the burning rubber of skateboard wheels," she says, laughing.

"But I always thought that creating something that is uplifting and beautiful for everyday is much more challenging."

Since she started Ellis Brooklyn, she's also thought about ways of making fragrance unique to each individual. "We have our own body chemistry but we also have our own unique beauty routines that we have to consider," she says.

Bee's top 5 tips for layering to create your own unique scent:
1. Body Care
One of the first things I consider is: what other scented products am I using? I start with bodycare first. Perhaps if I am using coconut oil as a lotion, I can combine that with another perfume that accentuates those notes. For example, I layer our SALT Eau de Parfum, which smells of the tropics and the sea, with coconut oil. It doesn't contain coconut, but it would do well with it because it's a similar vibe. 

2. Hair Products
Hair products are almost always scented. How can they jive with your current eau de parfum? If you're using hair products that have a sweeter, gourmand finish, then it might be a great fragrance finish to dial up the contrast. For example, spritz on a joyful floral like our RROSE Eau de Parfum over it to add a little pop.

3. Fragrances for each pulse point
When fragrance layering, consider this alternative: instead of layering fragrances on top of each other, try wearing a different fragrance in each pulse point. I like to wear something citrusy and bright behind my ears and along my neck. Then I'll dab on something sweeter and more mysterious along my décolletage and behind the knees, I love scents that smell like sunshine.

4. Complimentary Fragrances

If you're looking to try two fragrances together, start with a scent that is relatively minimal and straightforward. I love our warm and woody Iso Gamma Super Eau de Parfum because I can wear it solo when I want to be minimalist chic or it layers well with literally any scent by amplifying and deepening them. I particularly think it extends the longevity of lighter florals or citruses like West Eau de Parfum.

Ellis Brooklyn eau de parfums are all PETA-certified, vegan and cruelty free.

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