A Guide to Finding the Perfect Clean Fragrance to Compliment Your Looks and Moods

A Guide to Finding the Perfect Clean Fragrance to Compliment Your Looks and Moods

By Joshua Pierce, Head of Education at Credo

One of the greatest things about beauty products is they allow you to explore your personality. But have you ever thought about how your mood is manifested through your beauty choices? Chances are you might not have noticed on days that you’re feeling a little more flirty than normal, you may reach for pinkier shades of lipstick. Or on days you’re feeling more energetic, you reach for shimmery lip glosses vs matte sultry lipsticks. Makeup is a no brainer! But what about the way you smell?


No makeup look is complete without thinking of ALL the angles. That includes the lasting olfactory memory of your signature perfume. Let’s talk about some fun “color mood” looks you can explore and how you can pair it up with a Credo clean fragrance that will take your “color mood” to the next level. Check out the mood fragrances that we have picked out below to inspire your most fitting color mood!

My Mood is… Sultry
We’re starting this blog off right and talking all things SULTRY. We’re talking moody, Jessica Rabbit vibes. The eyes are adorned in shimmery shades of metallic plum. The lips are a soft shade of rose petal but defined with a pencil to pucker up your pout! Your blush is a soft peach with a slight hint of gold.

You. Are. A. Vamp!

The only thing left is to include a dash of a warm, sensual perfume. When we think sultry we think delectable fragrance notes of sandalwood, vanilla and amber. Check out these fragrances and see which one says to you “come hither you minx!”

Maison Louis Marie Bois de Balincourt Eau de Parfum

Maison Louis Marie No.04 Bois de Balincourt Perfume Oil

Moodeaux Worthy SuperCharged Skinscent

 Moodeaux Worthy SuperCharged SkinScent

Abbott Sequoia

 Abbott Sequoia Eau de Parfum

My Mood is… Romantic
Maybe you’re feeling a little less “come hither” and a little more coquettish. Get your flirt on by adding an extra layer of mascara to your outer eyelashes. This will give a lift to the outer corner of your eye, just like you see on Marilyn Monroe. One bat of your eyelashes will charm anyone’s heart. Shimmery shades of neutral cream colored eyeshadow will make your eyes sparkle! Luscious lips in shades of sweet pink are the ultimate flirt! 


Let your mood fragrance do the flirting before they ever even see your makeup! Eye.. er, we mean, nose catching scents with notes of lotus, tuberose and jasmine will titlate and tease all your admirers. Peep these best selling fragrances to complete your flirty color mood:

Henry Rose Flora Carnivora

 Henry Rose Flora Carnivora Eau de Parfum

Sana Jardin Jaipur Chant

Sana Jardin Jaipur Chant Eau De Parfum

Ellis Brooklyn Myth

Ellis Brooklyn Myth

My Mood is… Energetic
You’re blasting “Pump Up the Jam” by Technotronic. You’re amped and ready to face the day- the world is yours! You’re rocking that fresh dewy skin, one coat of mascara, swift coat of bronzer and your favorite shimmery lip gloss. GO. GET IT!
But wait. How does feeling energetic smell?


When we’re ready to conquer the world we envelope ourselves with fragrances featuring neroli, lemon and/or mandarin. Scents of citrus are a true pick-me-up and the perfect pairing for when you’re feeling energized! Here are some wonderful citrus options to help you discover your mood fragrance: 

Henry Rose Windows Down

Henry Rose Windows Down Eau de Parfum 

Sana Jardin Venus of Verbena

Sana Jardin Venus of Verbena Eau de Parfum

Vyrao Free 00

 Vyrao Free 00 Eau de Parfum 

My Mood is… Joyful
The birds are singing, the sun is shining. Everything is going your way today! While you’re on this happy color mood high, try exploring new looks that you’ve always wanted to try. Maybe it’s winged liquid eyeliner. Or a bold red lip. Maybe it’s sparkly eye shadow or orange colored blush. The sky's the limit! You’re looking good and feeling gorgeous and that’s all that matters. 


You should smell as happy as you feel! Pick up a bottle of fragrance that has hints of bergamot, coconut and/or touches of light florals. One whiff of these fragrances and you’ll be smiling:

Ellis Brooklyn Vanilla Milk

Ellis Brooklyn VANILLA MILK Eau de Parfum 

Heretic Dirty Coconut

Heretic Dirty Coconut Eau de Parfum


Dedcool No 1 Taunt

DedCool Fragrance 01 Taunt: Bergamot/Amber/Vanilla

If you REALLY want to explore accentuating your color mood with fragrance, we should chat about fragrance layering! But, that’s another blog for another time ;)


Need help finding your mood fragrance?

Here are a few ways to help you get started.

Visit one of our 10 stores and let our Clean Beauty Experts guide you in person!

If you are only able to experience Credo online or haven't had the chance to visit our stores, it can be a challenge to know what you’re getting when it comes to fragrance. We have just the (virtual) solution. Click the bubble at the bottom right of your screen to chat live with our Clean Beauty Experts on CredoLive. They can help you by explaining the fragrances and what their key notes are. That way you won’t have any surprises when your package from Credo arrives. (Don’t worry, they won’t make you talk about your moods.)






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