The power of tulips

The power of tulips

By Bloomeffects

Roses are red, violets are blue,
But tulips are the hidden gem-we bet you never knew

Say hello to the power of tulips. Over the past few years, the shift to more natural products and ingredients has fostered some amazing creative thinking and exploration about the ingredients we use on our hair, skin and body. Nature has so much magic to offer and the hits keep coming.

Enter: the tulip.

A Dutch flower so beautiful and beloved that it has actually been declared a national symbol. Who knew? Bloomeffects co-founders Kim van Haaster and Monica Aurigemma knew. Embracing and understanding the tulips' incredible qualities actually earned these two government grants and commissioned research with Leiden University and Holland Biodiversity. After conducting loads of enlightening research, some incredible tulip-centric truths were unearthed and things really started to bloom.

Royal Tulip Nectar

1. Incredible Water Retention Abilities

These pretty flowers are natural humectants, meaning they are genius when it comes to water retention, aka, locking in essential moisture. In fact, tulips suck up so much water (their entire weight), their stems can’t even hold up their very own, water-heavy blooms. This beautiful relationship with water is quite unique and as you can imagine, very good news for our skin.

2. Remarkable Growth Potential

While most flowers begin to die as soon as they’re cut, the tulip continues to grow up to 2” after being shorn. In fact, if you keep tulips in a vase, you will actually need to trim them each day because these wonders just keep growing. Check out our growth-in-action time lapse below.

3. Exceptional Regenerative Properties

Tulips contain a plant hormone called auxin which is derived from the amino acid tryptophan and is key in cellular growth promoting regeneration, repair and collagen production throughout the body – even more good news for skin. Coupled with record amounts of organic and fatty acids known for their nourishing and healing abilities (acne and eczema be warned), anti-aging and pore-purging qualities, and their knack for epic hydration, this is the flower to watch.

4. Skin Protective Properties

Research also shows that tulips contain a very diverse combination of flavonoids known for their skin-healing, anti-inflammatory magic as well as a high antioxidant content to neutralize free radical damage. These beautiful powerhouses are a potent source of skin protectives found to reduce the effects of UV-radiation, allergens and even carcinogens.

5. Super hydrator Urea

We’ll say it again - tulips hydrate like no other flower’s business thanks to Urea which acts as a natural humectant and exfoliator so that essential moisture is able to penetrate deep to increase absorption. Urea has also been found to protect the skin by strengthening its layers prepping it for exposure to trauma or toxins.

Our Proprietary Dutch Tulip Complex

All of this new and amazing research has done more than shine a spotlight on the undeniable benefits of tulips….it has also laid the foundation for our Proprietary Dutch Tulip Complex that harnesses these unique natural benefits and is the soul of each of our products. This complex uses stem cells from the bulbs of the HM van Haaster tulips in the Netherlands - stem cells are the incredibly effective future of skincare, providing antioxidants, amino acids and helping to boost skin’s all-important collagen. These Dutch tulip stem cells combined with other potent moisturizing factors in our Proprietary Dutch Tulip Complex all add up to softer, smoother and glowingly hydrated skin.  

This untapped source of nutrients clearly offers an abundance of benefits for skin and the good news just keeps coming. We couldn’t be more excited at Bloomeffects to tap into the overwhelming goodness of the tulip and the future of all things clean beauty, sustainable and awe-inspiring. We are just getting started. Buy yourself flowers today…your skin will thank you. 


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