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Clean Beauty Council

Changing the beauty industry together.

At Credo, our mission has always been to change the entire beauty industry for the better. From day one, we’ve stocked our shelves with the best non-toxic products around, helping people reconsider what goes into conventional products, onto our skin, then down the drain.

Now we’re taking another step forward together by building the very first Clean Beauty Council.

Our mission action

The Clean Beauty Council is composed of industry experts. They’re propelling the industry forward and addressing your pressing questions, all while helping us set the highest clean beauty industry standards around.

The beauty (r)evolution starts with you

Bringing about better beauty depends on all of us. So consider your Clean Beauty Council your trusted source on everything beauty. You can stay informed, sane and make the best beauty choices for you.

Y(our) Council

Individually brilliant, collectively changing the game

Mia Davis, Credo’s Director of Mission

The ever-fearless Mia began her career in the environmental health movement. In 2007, she led the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics challenging conventional beauty to banish toxic chemicals from baby shampoos, skincare, and makeup formulations. Previously the Head of Environment, Health and Safety at Beautycounter, she’s now helping Credo brands and customers understand why clean ingredients matter.

Leilah Mundt, Beauty Branding Expert

Always in-the-know when it comes to clean beauty brands, Leilah founded The Crème Collective: a creative agency that connects green-based products and clean-conscious consumers. She switched to clean after spending a decade in the conventional beauty world, and realizing that natural alternatives made her skin glow. She’s also on the board for Lipstick Angels, a Credo-partnered nonprofit.

Matin Maulawizada, Celebrity Makeup Artist and Activist

After completing his undergraduate degree in human physiology and receiving a Masters in biology, Matin returned to his first true love: makeup. Since switching industries, he’s launched international beauty brands, trained fellow artists, and worked on A-list faces for over 20 years. Additionally, Matin co-founded Afghan Hands Inc., a nonprofit dedicated to the expansion of female education in South Asia.

Gay Timmons, Beauty Ingredient Expert

Gay can decipher beauty labels like no other. As the Founder of the organic- and specialty- ingredient distribution company, Oh, Oh Organic, and the President of the Natural and Organic Health & Beauty Alliance, or NOHBA (which Credo belongs to), she knows almost every ingredient under the sun and can recite its history and how it’s formulated. Her personal motto is: “Save the planet. Look good doing it.”

Amy Galper, Product Formulation Expert

As Co-Founder of New York Institute of Aromatic Studies, Amy investigates how fragrance can alter or improve products. (It is sometimes shocking, always mind- boggling.) After becoming a Certified Aromatherapist in 2001, she grew a vibrant consultancy practice, offering her expertise in ingredient research and sourcing, product formulation, wellness event planning, USDA Certification, and more. She recently co-authored the recipes and wellness book “Plant-Powered Beauty.”

Katey Denno - Credo Clean Beauty Council

Katey Denno, Credo's Brand Ambassador and Lead Makeup Artist

Katey, a bicoastal makeup artist, has established herself as the renowned go-to clean beauty celebrity artist, with extensive experience working with all skin tones, types and personal styles. Her roster of long-standing clients includes Amanda Seyfried, Felicity Jones, Judith Light, Amber Heard, Margaret Qualley and Beanie Feldstein. Her work has been featured in countless magazines and she can be found staring in her own YouTube channel where she shares her expertise and beauty tips.

Dr. Elsa Jungman, Skin Research Expert

Our resident know-it-all about product/skin interactions, Dr. Elsa Jungman holds a Ph.D. in skin pharmacology from the University of Paris-Sud. After graduating in 2012, she managed skin delivery evaluation for L'Oréal. Today, she consults with and mentors startups specializing in skin health, biotechnology and the microbiome, and is developing her own sustainable skincare line. Dr. Jungman also recently co-founded the yoga-and-skincare community "Atelier Namaste."

Are (lack of) beauty regulations keeping you up at night?

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