Undaria Collagen Body Lotion

5 oz / 150 ml
1 oz / 30 ml
5 oz / 150 ml
1 oz / 30 ml
5 oz / 150 ml
1 oz / 30 ml
5 oz / 150 ml
1 oz / 30 ml
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Undaria Collagen Body Lotion

Undaria Collagen Body Lotion

A ultra-hydrating, lightweight body lotion packed with clinically-proven actives to deliver instant firming hydration, clinically proven to visibly firm skin in just 4 hours.

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Undaria Collagen Body Lotion

5 oz / 150 ml
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Suitable for

Dry, normal, combo, and anti-aging skin.

Why we stand behind it

Our ultra-hydrating, lightweight body lotion is scientifically proven to visibly firm skin in just 4 hours. Packed with clinically proven ingredients including vegan collagen and hyaluronic acid, to deliver lasting hydration for radiant, revitalized skin. Also available in fragrance-free, which is hypoallergenic, dermatologist approved and safe for sensitive skin. We are committed to using naturally-derived ingredients; color variance from one bottle to the next is normal.

Clinically Proven To*
- Instantly increase skin hydration
- Visibly firm skin in just 4 hours
- Reduce visual dryness by 86% immediately
- Reduce visual roughness by 83% immediately

Immediately after 1 use**:
100% agreed skin felt smoother and softer
100% agreed skin looked brighter and had a healthy sheen
100% agreed skin felt soothed and relieved of dryness
97% agreed it made dryness and dullness disappear

After 2 weeks**:
100% agreed skin felt hydrated, silky-smooth and soft
97% agreed it made skin feel revitalized and regained its youthful bounce

*Based on a third-party clinical study conducted on 31 women ages 24-61 after one use.
**Based on a third-party consumer perception study conducted over 2 weeks on 29 women ages 24-61.

Key ingredients

Undaria Seaweed: Replenishes the skin’s moisture barrier and helps keep skin looking healthy.
Vegan Collagen: Plant-derived collagen alternative, rich in amino acids.
Hyaluronic Acid: High molecular weight topically drenches the the driest layers of the skin for lasting hydration.

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This product is

Cruelty Free

Sustainable Packaging


Gluten Free

Alcohol Free

What is an undertone?

An undertone is the color beneath the surface of your skin, which never changes (even with a tan). There are three types of undertones:


I see red or pink undertones around the perimeter of my face and neck.
My skin burns easily, but barely tans.
My skin looks better in silver jewelry than gold.


I see both pink and yellow undertones around the perimeter of my face and neck.
My skin sometimes burns and sometimes tans.
My skin looks good in both gold and silver jewelry.


I see yellow or golden undertones around the perimeter of my face and neck.
My skin rarely burns, but tans easily.
My skin looks better in gold jewelry than silver.

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Generously massage into dry or damp skin.
Due to the use of natural ingredients, color may vary. This is normal and doesn't impact the product's quality or efficacy.


Use alone, or layer under Undaria Algae Body Oil or Anti-Aging Body Balm for added moisturization and a glowing finish.

Full ingredient list

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Uplifting grapefruit, lime & cypress blended + sweet notes of mango mandarin. *Same favorite scent as Undaria Algae Body Oil!

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Inspired by her grandmother’s lifelong love of the sea, Jenefer Palmer set out to share her passion through a plant-based skin care line infused with elements of the ocean. Distraught by the harmful chemicals she found in other products, Palmer resolved to craft her formulas with safer, nourishing ingredients.
While OSEA has now expanded into a world-renowned skin care line, their commitment has stayed the same—producing effective, wholesome products as pure as the ocean itself.